Guarita Beach Guarita Beach

One of the most beautiful beaches of Rio Grande do Sul combines cove, cliffs, panoramic views, and rough sea.

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Guarita is one of the most beautiful beaches of the shore of Torres, in Rio Grande do Sul, and is located in the Guarita State Park, of generous nature. There is sea, dunes, woods, wetlands, and a great diversity of flora and fauna. For its unique beauty, it has become one of the most sought after beach destinations in the State.

In the summer (from December to March), it is full of visitors who take advantage of its cove to walk, cycle, and dive into its rough waters with waves, which attract many surfers. And, in the winter (from June to September), it is common to receive a visit from cold water animals, such as penguins and sea lions.

The tour of a lifetime is to climb the rocks in the middle of the Beach, from where you have a beautiful view. The march is tough, but short: in 5 minutes you get to the summit.

Guarita Beach is 197 km from Porto Alegre and 280 km from Florianópolis. It is a perfect place for a one-day getaway.

Key information and tips

Go between November and February, when the water is warmer.

Use sunscreen and keep hydrated.

Opening hours:
To access the Beach, you have to go through the Guarita Park, which has two hours of operation: - High season (from November to March): from 8 a.m to 8 p.m. - Low season: from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Free entrance. If you are in a vehicle, the access to the Park is charged as follows:

. Car R$ 8
. Motorcycle: R$ 4
. Onibus R$ 40.
. Van R$ 30

Vehicles that got their license plates in Torres are exempt from payment.

Duration of the Visit
3 hours.
Responsible - Luiz Fernando: +55 (51) 8408-8928 +55 (51) 3626-9150 - ramal 246 ou 247
More Info
Visit Torres
Guarita State Park


Parque Estadual da Guarita - Rua Caxias do Sul, s/n - Torres, Rio Grande do Sul

It is possible to go by taxi to Praia da Guarita.

You can rent a bicycle to get to Guarita Beach. Cyclists do not pay entrance in the Park.

You can drive to Praia da Guarita, passing through the Park.

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