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Itacarezinho Beach Itacarezinho Beach

Meet the beauty of one of the best beaches of Itacaré and enchant yourself with this place.

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Itacarezinho Beach, despite its name, is 3.5 km long and is one of Bahia’s jewels, more precisely, one of Itacaré’s jewels. The waterfron is surrounded by lush palm trees that stand out in the middle of the landscape, otherwise practically deserted. The sea, in shades of green and blue, is agitated, perfect for those who like to surf.

Divers also enjoy the sea, due to its caves formed by coral reefs. From September to March, the beach has an extra attraction: it becomes the spawning point of sea turtles, protected by Projeto Tamar.

In its North tip, a cascade of fresh water descends and falls directly on the sand. This corner of the beach is called Camboinha.

Located 15 km from Itacare, the beach is very popular for those who want to relax and get away from excitement. Although not a very busy beach, Itacarezinho Beach has a good infrastructure with bars and restaurants by the sea, able to make your stay more pleasant.

To get there, it is necessary to cross private property. The area offers parking areas.

Opening hours:
Open 24/7

Free admission

Duration of the Visit
2 hours
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Itacaré, BA

You can go by taxi or take a transfer to Itacarezinho Beach. Check the providers of this service in the city.

Itacarezinho Beach is located 15 km south of Itacaré and you can rent a car to get there. Upon arrival, it is necessary to cross private property. The journey takes about 10 minutes, and entrance and parking are charged. Check out the route from Itacaré to the beach.

You can catch a bus from Itacaré to Itacarezinho Beach, that lies 15 km toward Ilhéus.
Rodoviária de Itacaré (Itacaré Road)
R. Joaquim Viêira - Itacaré, BA
+55 (73) 3251-3141