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Monte Roraima National Park Monte Roraima National Park

The location is a beautiful scenario of savannahs, high altitude forests and river streams.

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Created on June 28, 1989, the Monte Roraima National Park is located on the northern region of the state of Roraima, more precisely in the city of Pacaraima, approximately 190 km away from the state capital (Boa Vista), and includes one of the oldest mountains on the planet.

The rock formation of Monte Roraima has an estimated age of over 2 billion years and is shaped like a table, named tepuí by the local indigenous peoples. With 2,875 m altitude and a landscape traversed by rivers, cascades, and rock formations, Monte Roraima is accessible through the orientation of local guides.

The Park occupies approximately 116 thousand hectares and has several species of ferns and bromeliads. Hiring a guide in Boa Vista to accompany you on the trip is recommended. The best time to visit the attraction is from October to April, a period of less rain and cold.

Key information and tips

The temperature on Monte Roraima can range from 5°C to 36°C.


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To go by taxi, check companies from Boa Vista that provide the trip.

You can rent a car and get to Mount Roraima National Park.Check the route.

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