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A great place to relax by Rio Negro and cool off on warmer days.

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With white sands, clear, quite and warm waters, and a half-moon shape, Praia da Lua is located on the left bank of Rio Negro, 23 km away from Manaus. The surrounding vegetation is naturally beautiful and the sand length varies depending on the time of the year (wide between August and November, during the low water season, and narrow after December).

The Beach is a 10-minute speedboat or motorboat ride away from Davi Marina, in Ponta Negra. Often frequented by the locals on weekends, the area has some tents selling local food and beverages, such as fried fish – jaraqui and matrinchã, for example.

Some Praia da Lua tours also include a visit to the Seringal Vila Paraíso Museum, which shares some of the rubber trading history in Brasil.

Before hopping on board, talk to the boatmen to learn more about current beach conditions, since mud tracks sometime make it harder to reach the site.

Key information and tips

Weekdays are the best choice if you are looking for a place to relax.

Bring sunscreen and a cap (or hat).

Opening hours:
All day.

R$ 5.00 for each speedboat ride.

Duration of the Visit
2 hours.
+55 (92) 3658-6159
More Info
Acamdaf boatmen
Amazon Tourism


Acamdaf – Transporte Fluvial e Marítimo. Av Coronel Teixeira, 74 – Ponta Negra – Manaus – Amazonas

You can take a bus to Tropical Hotel and walk or take a taxi to the Davi Marina, where you can take speedboats and motorboats any time of the day. Praia da Lua can only be reached by boat.

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