Praia da Sepultura Praia da Sepultura

Transparent waters, quiet and stunning beauty, for all ages.

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One of the most popular attractions in the region, Praia da Sepultura is an excellent choice for diving and sailing sports. Its clear and waveless waters attract people of all ages, who spend the day diving and watching the colorful fish that live there.

The beach is called Sepultura (grave) due to a local legend that tells that in the 19th century, the body of a slave (killed after a fight) was buried there.

The region receives many visitors during peak season; at other times it is practically deserted, allowing you to enjoy its beauty with plenty of tranquility. The waters are so calm that they seem like natural pools.

To get there, follow Avenida das Garoupas to the end up until a private parking lot and take a trail with about 200 meters, which ends on the beach. Other way of getting there is from Bombinhas Beach, going by foot through the walkway that crosses Prainha and the Lagoinha and Embrulho beaches.

Key information and tips

If you are going to spend the day at the beach, take water and snacks.

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Tourism in Bombinhas.


Bombinhas, Santa Catarina

Going around the city by taxi is very comfortable and practical. Check the taxi stops of Bombinhas.

You may rent a car to get to Praia da Sepultura. This map can help you.

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