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Sancho Bay Sancho Bay

Of a rare and nearly indescribable beauty, Sancho has been voted the best beach in the world by its visitors.

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Isolation, fine sands, emerald-green waters, untouched fauna and flora. This is Sancho Bay, the most sought out beach in Fernando de Noronha. Famous all over the world, it usually appears on the lists of the most beautiful beaches. The Bay has been voted the best of the planet by TripAdvisor two years in a row. Currently, it is second on the list.

How to get to Fernando de Noronha
To visit Sancho Bay, first you need to get to Fernando de Noronha, 545 km away from Recife, in the state of Pernambuco. You can go to Noronha by plane or by boat. There are direct flights to Noronha coming from Recife and Natal, in the state of Rio Grande do Norte.

Preservation Fee

All tourists visiting Fernando de Noronha must pay the Preservation Fee. It is possible to pay for it in advance through the island’s website or when disembarking there. It is best, however, to do it in advance to avoid potential lines.

Where to stay
In Noronha, you will find both fancy hostels and family inns. To move around the island more easily, the best choice is to stay in the small center area, close to the Vila dos Remedios (or Remedy Village in English).

In order to assist the tourists more efficiently, the Fernando de Noronha Administration and other supervisory authorities have developed a classification system for the hostels. They came up with categories, represented by dolphins instead of the stars of traditional hotels. The dolphins range from one to three. Check here the full list.


In the Bay you will find the Information and Control Station (PIC, in the Portuguese acronym), a place build for the visitors, with adequate infrastructure and full of accessible tracks on suspended walkways leading to three observation decks: Dois Irmaos, Golfinhos’ Bay and Sancho’s. To get to the beach you must descend three sets of stairs built within the crack of a rock formation. Access to the place is very limited and challenging, but the effort is duly rewarded with a stunning view of a calm and translucent sea where you can easily see the fishes and coral reefs. The clear waters make the location ideal for scuba diving and observing the turtles, colorful fishes and stingrays, with visibility reaching up to 50 meters horizontally in a temperature of 26°C.

Remember that, when practicing any water sports in Sancho, you can only go out to the sea through Porcos Bay.

When to go

One of the best times to visit Sancho Bay is during the rainy season, usually between April and June. During this period, the beach has an extra surprise: two waterfalls form and fall from the cliff like water curtains.

Key information and tips

Take snacks and water, for there is no food kiosk on the beach.

Wear sunscreen and take a hat with you.

It is advisable for people with limited mobility and children to use the boat ride.

Opening hours:
From 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Between January and June, the visits are monitored due to the sea turtles egg-laying period.

Sancho Bay is located within the National Marine Park of Fernando de Noronha and you need to pay a fee that grants you entrance for ten days: R$178.00 for foreigners and R$ 89.00 for Brazilians.

Duration of the Visit
2 hours
+55 81 3619 1220/+55 81 3619 1317
More Info
Parque Nacional Marinho oficial website


National Marine Park – Fernando de Noronha

For those into a little adventure, it is possible to get to the beach by climbing the rock formations of the neighboring beach, Porcos Bay.

Many tourism companies in Fernando de Noronha offer boat trips to the location.

You can access Sancho Bay with a rented car or buggy. You must then leave the vehicle on the Information and Control Station (PIC) parking lot and, from there, walk through a track and go down a set of stairs built in the cracks of the rocks to get to the beach.