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National Park Serra dos Orgaos National Park Serra dos Orgaos

One of the best places in the country for mountain sports.

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Brazil isn’t just paradisiac beaches, it is also filled with beautiful mountains. The National Park Serra dos Orgaos (Parnaso), located in the Mountain Region of Rio de Janeiro is a perfect example. It expands through the towns of Guapimirim, Mage, Petropolis and Teresopolis and gets its name from the resemblance of its peaks with the tubes of a church organ.

Full of rocky peaks and waterfalls, such as Veu de Noiva, the Park is one of the best places to do mountain sports like climbing and rappelling. It is also the greatest hiking trail structure in Brazil, with over 200 km of paths for all levels of difficulty.

Its main route is the Petropolis-Teresopolis crossing, a three-day hike, and its highest point is Pedra do Sino. The 36-km trail is considered one of the most beautiful in the country.

Dedo de Deus, a symbol of Brazilian mountain climbing, and Agulha do Diabo, one of the 15 best rock climbs in the world, are also worth mentioning.

Key information and tips

Be prepared for lower temperatures. Wear long clothes.

Firefighters: 193.

You are required to fill a special document given by the Park.

The tropical climate is super humid, and the average temperature is between 13º and 23ºC. Bring a coat.

Remember to take water, sunscreen and light food with you.

Hire an experienced guide that follows the basic rules of safety.

Opening hours:
Daily, from 8 A.M. to 5 P.M. (until 6 P.M. during summer)

From BRL 30,00.

More Info
Site do Parque


National Park Serra dos Orgaos Administration Av. Rotariana – Teresópolis – Rio de Janeiro State

In case you want to take the opportunity to visit one of the beaches nearby, we recommend Buzios and Angra dos Reis.

From Rio, take BR-040 (Washington Luiz Highway) towards Teresopolis. The Park’s main office is by the city entrance and there are signs leading to it.

From Rio, take a bus to Teresopolis. The trip is about 1h40 long. The main entrance to Parnaso is in Teresopolis, but there are also entrances in Petropolis and Guapimirim. More information here.

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