Tanguá Park Tanguá Park

The Tanguá Park is one of the most important parks of the city of Curitiba and it is more favorable for walking and biking. The park has a nice bistro where you can order a good meal.

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Tanguá park, which was inaugurated on Nov. 23rd, 1996, preserves nature in an area that was intended to be an industrial waste recycling plant. It is an excellent site for hiking, jogging on the track and biking on the bike path.

The park has total area of 450 thousand square meters and features two quarries joined by a 45 meters length tunnel, which can be crossed on foot by a walkway over the water.

You can also enjoy the beauty of the 65 meters high small waterfall at the lookout at the Jardim Poty Lazzarotto (Poty Lazzarotto Garden) - a large French style garden with flowers beds and water mirrors. The garden perpetuates the memory of the artist Napoleon Potyguara Lazzarotto, born on the anniversary of the city of Curitiba, on March 29th 1924.

Among the fauna species that you can observe some animals such as mallard, bat, armadillo and teiú(large lizard commonly referred to a tegus). Among the plants, you can also observe bromeliads, pines, oaks and much more.

Key information and tips

Be sure to visit the bistro which runs daily from 9am to 9pm.

Military Police: 190

It is forbidden to enter with liquor, skateboards and kites.

Opening hours:
Park: every day - 8am - 6pm Bistro: every day - 9am - 9pm

Free admission

Duration of the Visit
3 hours
+55 (41) 3352-7607 / +55 (41) 3352-5404 (Guarda Municipal)
More Info
Parque Tanguá


Rua Dr. Bemben, s/n°, Pilarzinho – Curitiba, Paraná

The easiest way to visit the park is taking a taxi. Check fares and look for a service provider.

You can rent a car to go to the park.

Bus routes to Parque Tanguá: Convencional Nilo Peçanha lines (Travessa Nestor de Castro), Bracatinga, Interbairros II, Primavera, Santa Felicidade - Santa Cândida. If you prefer, check the itinerary details.

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