Wire Opera House Wire Opera House

Cultural mark of Curitiba, the Wire Theatre House is built with steel pipes and metal structures.

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The Ópera de Arame (Arame Opera House) is one of the symbols of moderm architecture of Curitiba. Inaugurated in 1992, it was built with tubular structures and transparent ceiling and it hosts a wide range of shows from popular to classical ones. The Opera House has a capacity of 2,400 spectators.

With a cirular shape, the Opera House is surrounded by na artificial lake. There is a pedestrian walkway over the lake through which visitors can access the auditoruim. On the ground floor, there is a cafeteria and the Rocha da Fama where commemorative plaques related to Curitiba are placed.

With a unique landscape, the site has a tipycal vegetation and cascades. It is part of the Parque das Pedreiras (Pedreira Park) and the Espaço Cultural Paulo Leminski (Paulo Leminsk Cultural Space) where the theatre plays Passion of Christ takes place together with other importante events.

The Opera House hosts great theatre plays, music shows, graduation ceremonies, congresses and symposiuns, among others. It has hosted the first Festival de Teatro de Curitiba (Curitiba Theater Festival)

Key information and tips

Elevator, access ramp and restrooms with handrails are available

Bring a coat due to the cold weather in the city

Free parking is available but no valet service

Opening hours:
Tuesday to Sunday: 8am – 10pm

Free admission except when a show is hosted

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Wire Opera House
Curitiba City Hall


Rua João Gava, s/n – Abranches – Curitiba, Paraná

You can go to the Opera house by taxi. Check fares and choose for service provider.

You can rent a car in Curitiba and drive to the Ópera de Arame.

To go to the Opera House by bus, take Linha Turismo or Mateus Leme, Nilo Peçanha and Interbairros II routes.

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