Itineraries for those who come to Brasil in search of perfect waves

Brasil has some of the best beaches for surfing in the world. So get your board and adrenaline, and come over!

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Brasil has some of the best beaches in the world, many with perfect waves to surf. There are so many options that, before you get lost, we selected 5 beaches scattered from North to South for you to decide the perfect destination! You will not cope with anxiety till you get to those beaches and see all the beauty with your own eyes!

1 – Cacimba do Padre – Fernando de Noronha (PE)

Cacimba do Padre is the perfect combo of idyllic place with incredible wave. Located on the island of Fernando de Noronha, it features tubular waves that fascinate even the bathers. Best time of year is, without doubt, December to March.

2 – Boca da Barra – Itacaré (BA)

With the longest waves in Brasil, the beach is popular among experienced surfers who love right-handers. Not even Gabriel Medina - Brazilian world champion surfer - can find a flaw there! The beach is located 400 km from Salvador and is the perfect getaway for those who enjoy surfing and peace and quiet!

3 - Joaquina - Florianópolis (SC)

This is The Beach! That's because the waves reach more than 2.5 meters high and catch surfers from all over the world. No wonder that Joaquina was the cradle of surfing competitions in the country.

4- Itamambuca – Ubatuba (SP)

Located 237 km from São Paulo, the beach belongs to the home state of Adriano Mineirinho (professional Brazilian surfer) and hosts important Brazilian surf championships. The Large waves of Itamambuca are perfect to be surfed over the summer!

4 – Macumba – Rio de Janeiro (RJ)

Located in the Marvelous City, Macumba beach has and ongoing and long swell. Surfing is suitable year-round. It offers conditions for beginners and some spots for the experienced surfers. It is perfect to enjoy the beauties of the Rio de Janeiro away from the hype