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Alto Paraíso de Goiás

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Alto Paraíso de Goiás, located about 240 km from Brasília, is the most structured of the region of Chapada dos Veadeiros. Considered by the mystics as the magnetic heart of Brasil, has crystals everywhere and is filled with buildings shaped like pyramids and domes. Is the sanctuary of esotericism in Goias.

Crossed by Parallel 14 (in the same way as Machu Picchu, in Peru), Alto Paraíso is also center of fantastic stories about space ships and aliens.

Its population has a well developed ecological awareness, which makes the area very suitable for ecotourism. The exuberance of the local nature offers hundreds of attractions such as waterfalls, valleys, mountains, farms and nature trails.

Access to these sites is possible by car until a certain point. Later, you must walk through the path made along trails that range from 300 m to 10 km. Despite the effort, the beauty of the Cerrado and the magic of the place make an unforgettable trip.

Cavalcante e Colinas do Sul surround an area of approximately 65 thousand acres that form the Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park. The village of São Jorge, also district of Alto Paraíso, is located 1 km from the park entrance and has guesthouses and charming restaurants that give a more rustic style to the destination.

Ancient routes used by miners serve today to guide tourists to the beautiful waterfalls of the region. In 2001, the Park was declared a Natural Heritage by Unesco.

Out of the Park, one of the most amazing natural attractions of the region is the Catarata dos Couros, where the Rio dos Couros presents an incredible sequence of rapids, waterfalls and wells. The trail is flat and short, a route considered to be of medium difficulty level.

In São Bento Farm, close to Alto Paraíso, two beautiful waterfalls (Almécegas I and II) offer wells and huge walls. Loquinhas, Vale da Lua (Valley of the Moon), Poço Encantado (Enchanted Well) and Raizama, are also among the most famous in the region.

Departing from the Brasilia Bus Terminal, you can catch a bus going straight to Alto Paraiso.
Personal or rental vehicles

You can rent a car in Brasilia and go to the city of Alto Paraíso, which is located about 240 km. See the route.

Personal or rental vehicle
The best way to visit the city is by car, you will have the freedom to go anywhere you like. This small map can help.

If you are in a large group of people, it is possible to rent a van to go to all the attractions together.

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Alto Paraíso City Hall
Chapada dos Veadeiros

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Tourist Service Center: +55 (62) 3446-1159

Some attraction need to be visited with a guide. Look for local agencies and hire one.

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