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Aracati is located 167 km from Fortaleza, capital of Ceará, and is one of the most beautiful regions of the State, with cliffs, colored sands and dunes. Once there, you may visit a well preserved architectural ensemble, from the mid-19th century, including the Matriz de Nossa Senhora do Rosário Church, the Jaguaribano Museum, multi-story houses and buildings from the ancient Rua do Comércio (Rua Grande).

There you will find the famous Canoa Quebrada beach, adopted by hippies from all over the world during the 1970s and that is still strongly associated with mysticism. With a small population and unique beauty, this beach has a scenery worthy of a movie.

Canoa, as it is affectionately called, offers tranquility during the day, and lots of excitement at night. The wall of red-colored cliffs is the main natural attraction of the village. The landscape is very beautiful and fascinates visitors.

The center of the village is an ideal location to discover a little more about the crafts of Ceará and to buy souvenirs, such as lace goods and the famous bottles filled with sand of various colors. Visitors can also view the works of local artists in specialized establishments scattered around the village, and also enjoy the seafood-based dishes in restaurants and bars.

For those who like to party, the end of the day is the ideal time to visit Broadway, the main street of the village, which is overrun by forró, the Northeastern rhythm that has its origin in European Polka and toré, an Indigenous dance that excites visitors the most.

On many occasions, visitors participate in seaside luals, like the Canoa em Chamas event, which features a fireworks show and lots of music all night long.

Plane/ airplane
The municipality is accessible by air through the Pinto Martins International Airport in Fortaleza, which receives flights from Frankfurt, Bogota, Lisbon, Milan and Buenos Aires.

Road (bus)

Leaving Fortaleza, you may take a bus and go to Aracati. There are three companies that provide this service: São Benedito,Nordeste or Guanabara.
Personal or Rental Vehicles

You may rent a car to go to Aracati. Refer to the route leaving from Fortaleza.

There are eight bus companies providing services in the city.
On foot

Aracati is a small region and, depending on where you are, you can walk to the tourist attractions.

Aracati – Convention & Visitors Bureau
Tourism in Ceará

The DDD (area code) for Aracati is 88.


Ambulance: 192

Military Police: 190

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