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Arraial do Cabo, Búzios, Ilha Grande y Paraty: un itinerario por algunos de los mejores destinos de buceo del estado.

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Located 170 km from Rio de Janeiro, in the Região dos Lagos, is Arraial do Cabo. Occupied in the past by the Tupinambás Indians it holds a high-quality pau-brasil (redwood). The city served as a stage for colonization, during the Dutch wood trafficking, piracy and the many shipwrecks.

According to the Museu da Marinha, in Arraial do Cabo, at the bottom of the sea, rests the largest number of galleons, frigates and caravels from the Portuguese French, Dutch, English and even Brazilian fleets The amount is only surpassed by the shipwrecks in Baia de Todos os Santos in Bahia.

Arraial do Cabo was the landing point of the expedition of Amerigo Vespucci, who built a mud and rock house in the Bairro da Rama district, now known as Praia dos Anjos. There, the first factory of Brazil was created.

The small town with an air of fishing villages offers visitors beautiful beaches of white sand and clear water, great diving spots with rich marine life and traditional anchovy fishing.

Surrounded by hills, white sand dunes, lagoons, sandbanks, clean beaches and beautiful cliffs such as the Pontal do Atalaia. The Prainhas do Pontal are among the most beautiful of the Brazilian coast and the hills that surround it reserve an incredible view of the region.

The cold sea in this region allows a rich marine life in the waters. No wonder the city is considered the Capital do Mergulho (diving capital).

One of the top diving spots of the city is Praia do Forno, surrounded by woods, that help to preserve and protect its cove. To get there you need to hike in a trail from the pier to the Praia dos Anjos. The effort is rewarded with a refreshing bath in green waters.

Boat trips can be a pleasant way to get to know the entire coast of Arraial. Some depart from the Praia dos Anjos pier towards the Pontal do Atalaia, with stops at Prainhas, on Cabo Frio Island, Praia do Farol and Gruta Azul. If you're lucky, you can see dolphins during the tour.

The nearest international airport to Arraial do Cabo is the Tom Jobim International Airport in Rio, about 170 km. There is also an airport in Cabo Frio, located 10 km from Arraial, which receives flights from Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte.


If you are in Rio de Janeiro, you can take a bus and go to Arraial do Cabo, which is about 170 km. The Rio bus station has bus lines that go to Arraial and other cities in the Região dos Lagos.

Personal or rental vehicles

Departing from Rio de Janeiro, is is about 170 km to Arraial do Cabo. You can rent a car and go there. See the route from Rio to Arraial.

Personal or rental vehicle
You can rent a car or a buggy to visit the streets and beaches of Arraial do Cabo. The city is small and mobility is easy. This map can help you.

City Hall of Arraial do Cabo
Turism in Arraial

The area code (DDD) of Arraial is 22.


Department of Tourism: +55 (22) 2622-1949

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