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Campos do Jordão

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In Serra da Mantiqueira, 173 km from the city of Sao Paulo and around 1.700 meters above sea level, is Campos do Jordao, the highest town in Brazil. By car or bus, the main access road is Rodovia Floriano Rodrigues Pinheiro.

Swiss Style

The buildings’ architecture is inspired by the Swiss style, presenting constructions with pointed roofs with steep slopes. In the trendy Capivari center you can find excellent hotels, restaurants, bakeries and malls. Around it, luxurious residences look like chalets and imposing palaces of Norman style.

The cold weather and the fresh mountain air are compared to those of Davos Platz, in the Swiss Alps, and of Chamonix, the famous French commune. Despite the low temperatures, snow isn’t common. However, Campos do Jordao is even more attractive than the European towns, since its tropical mountain climate makes sure the sun is out almost the whole year round.


The winter, from May to August, is the high season for the town. In July, the coldest month, when the temperature can drop to 5°C or less, the International Winter Festival takes place, one of the most important festivals of classical music in Brazil and Latin America.

Masses in Gregorian chant are presented at Mosteiro das Monjas Beneditinas de Sao Joao, open daily for visitors. At the monastery you can also enjoy the peaceful gardens and meditate.

Another tourist spot is Palacio da Boa Vista, a traditional building in Campos de Jordao which houses an important cultural center.

The nature that surrounds the town is its own spectacle, providing pleasant activities, such as visiting the Horto Florestal (State Park), hiking the trail to the Garalhada waterfall, going on the adventure park at Parque dos Lagos, and meditating at the wonderful Amantikir Park.

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Campos do Jordao is less than 200 km from the beaches of Ubatuba, Ilhabela, Paraty and around 260 km from Angra dos Reis.

Coming from abroad, you'll arrive at Sao Paulo International Airport. If you are already in Brazil, you can also arrive at Congonhas Airport.


You can take a bus from Sao Paulo at Tiete Bus Terminal. Check out the bus schedules.

Personal or rental vehicles

You can rent a car in Sao Paulo and drive to Campos do Jordao. Check out the route.

Personal or rental vehicle
You can rent a car and drive comfortably around town. This map can help you.


You can also rent a bike to go around the town. Check out bike rental places.

Campos do Jordão City Hall.
Turism in Campos do Jordão.

The area code in Campos do Jordao is 12.

127 volts

Town Hall: +55 (12) 3668-5550

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