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Guarujá is located in the coastal area of São Paulo state, 73 km away from the capital São Paulo. Known as the Pérola do Atlântico (the Pearl of the Atlantic), the city has beautiful beaches, modern infrastructure, historic buildings, excellent quality of service, cultural events, and a variety of sightseeing tours. The seaside resort attracts many visitors during the summer and offers diverse beaches, from the urbanized to those accessible only by amazing trails.

The Praia do Tombo has a more angry sea and is perfect for surfing, being the host of several national and international championships.

The Praia da Enseada, the largest in the region, has more than 100 kiosks spread over the sand and is also ideal for water sports. Praia de Pitangueiras, on the other hand, has quieter and clearer waters that are perfect for swimming.

Praia de Pernambuco is ideal for kayaking, sailing, bodyboarding and surfing, and, at high tide, it meets the Praia do Mar Casado, which in Portuguese means the the Beach where the waters marry.

Guarujá's beaches are also known for its traditional fishing practices, which can be seen and practiced along its sea coast. The main location for fishermen is the Praia do Perequê, where you find many stands that sell fresh fish at good prices.

Guarujá also offers options for ecotourism tours. For those who like to walk and enjoy beautiful landscapes, there are many trails of varying difficulty that lead to viewing spots and lovely beaches. Some of them lead to good places for lovers of extreme sports such as abseiling, paragliding and zip-lining.

Other interesting routes in the area are the ones of Rotas do Dragão. There are several routes which take from 3 to 9 hours, in which you can visit the ruins and historical fortresses of the region, craft fairs, Camburizinho Waterfall and the largest saltwater pool of South America, the Acqua Mundo.

Road (Bus)
The Guarujá Bus Station receives buses from several capitals of the country.

Personal or rental vehicles
The main highways to access Guarujá are the SP-160 (Immigrants Highway), for visitors arriving from São Paulo; and the BR-116 highway, for tourists arriving from Rio de Janeiro.

It is possible to arrive in the city by ferry crossing from Santos in São Paulo state.

Guarujá is entirely covered by several bus lines. Refer to the lines that run through the main tourist attractions of the city.

Personal or rental vehicles

Some beaches and attractions are far from downtown, so you can choose to rent a car.

The most comfortable way of getting around the city is by taxi. Refer to the companies which provide this type of service.

Guarujá City Hall

The area code (DDD) for Guarujá is 13.


Department of Tourism: +55 (13) 3344-4600
Police station: +55 (13) 3386-6742

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