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The capital of surfing

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Ubatuba is a beach town in the northern coast of the state of Sao Paulo and is about 225 km from the capital.

From Sao Paulo to Ubatuba, by car or motorcycle, with no traffic, the trip takes about 3 hours. Check out other routes here.

Beach and nature

The town has preservation areas, such as Anchieta Island, and the beaches Brava and Camburi, besides study centers like Projeto Tamar, a project that protects sea turtles in the Brazilian coast. The Project is open for visitation and it’s perfect for kids.

There are over 100 beaches that compose landscapes of rare beauty and peace. The mix of clear waters, bright sand and forest is a true feast for the senses.

The town has beaches for all tastes. Families usually prefer the peaceful beaches of Domingas Dias and Enseada. The beautiful Cedro beach, of difficult access and basically untouched, is the most popular amongst adventurers and those who want to escape the hustle.

Ubatuba is considered the capital of surfing, since it’s one of the perfect destinations for the sport, offering beaches with waves of all kinds, some ideal for amateurs, and others for professionals. Pereque Açu beach, for example, is recommended for those who are starting to learn, while Itamambuca and Felix beaches are preferred by experienced surfers.

Ubatuba also has waterfalls, islands where you can dive, and trekking options that explore virgin beaches, old farm ruins and exuberant stretches of Atlantic Forest.


Ubatuba offers good lodging options for pockets of all sizes. Camping sites, hostels, B&Bs and hotels are available at the beaches. However, it’s recommended to book in advance, especially if you’re planning on going there on the weekend or long holidays.

History of Ubatuba

In the 16th century, the region of Ubatuba belonged to the Tupinambas, a native Brazilian people who lived in the Brazilian coast and was deeply feared by Europeans because of their anthropophagic habits. Eventually, the Tupinamba people was befriended and Jordao Homem da Costa, a Portuguese nobleman from Açores, and some other settlers founded the village of Ubatuba in 1637.

The closest international airport to Ubatuba is in Sao Paulo, about 205 km away.


In Sao Paulo, you can take a bus to Ubatuba at Tiete Bus Terminal. Check out the bus schedules.

Personal or rental vehicles

You can rent a car in Sao Paulo and drive to Ubatuba, about 225 km away. Check out the route.

Personal or rental vehicle

You can rent a car to drive around town.


If you’re with a group, you can rent a van for everyone.

Even in the summer, from December to March, the rain is constant. It’s a good idea to check the weather forecast before going. Throughout the year, the temperature usually varies from 17ºC to 32ºC.

Prefeitura de Ubatuba.
Turismo em Ubatuba.

The area code in Ubatuba is 12.

127 volts

Tourist information center: +55 (12) 3833-9123

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