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Ubatuba is a seaside resort on the northern coast of São Paulo and is located approximately 225 km from São Paulo. In the 16th century, the region of Ubatuba was a territory of the Tupinambás, indigenous people that inhabited the coasts of Brasil, much feared by the Europeans because of their anthropophagic habits.

Over time, the Tupinambá were pacified and Jordão Homem da Costa, Portuguese nobleman of the Açores, and some settlers founded the town of Ubatuba, in 1637.

The city has preservation areas, such as the Anchieta Island and the Brava and Camburi beaches, plus study centers such as the Tamar Project, destined to the preservation of sea turtles present in the brazilian coast. The Tamar Project is open to visitation and is a perfect attraction for children.
The more than 100 beaches in the city provide scenarios of rare beauty and peace. The combination of clear waters, clear sand and forest is a true feast for the senses.

The city has beaches for all audiences. Families usually prefer the quiet beaches of Domingas Dias and Enseada. The beautiful Praia do Cedro, difficult to access and practically untouched, is the most sought after by adventurers and those who want to get away from excitement.

Ubatuba is considered the capital of surfing, since it is the ideal destination to practice the sport and has beaches with all kinds of waves, some perfect for amateurs, and others, for professionals. The Perequê-Açu Beach, for example, is ideal for those just starting out, and the beaches of Itamambuca and Felix are most appreciated by experienced surfers.

Ubatuba also has waterfalls, islands where you can practice diving and trekking options that make their way through untouched beaches, farm ruins and the lush Atlantic forest.

The international airport closest to Ubatuba is the São Paulo airport, located about 205 km from Ubatuba.


Departing from São Paulo, you can catch a bus from Tietê Bus Terminal. See bus schedules.

Personal or rental vehicles

You can rent a car in São Paulo and drive to Ubatuba, which is about 225 km. See the route.

Personal or rental vehicle

You can rent a car to move around the city.


If you are in a group, it is possible to rent a van to go there.

Prefeitura de Ubatuba.
Turismo em Ubatuba.

The area code (DDD) of Ubatuba is 12.


Tourist Service Center: +55 (12) 3833-9123

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