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Capital of the State of Espírito Santo, Vitória island has beautiful beaches and historical and cultural attractions, many in the city center, such as the Cathedral, São Gonçalo Church and Carlos Gomes Theater. The headquarters of the State Government is Palácio Anchieta, at the entrance of Cidade Alta, in the center of the city.

You may visit important constructions in the city, such as Terceira Ponte, a bridge which connects Vila Velha to the North of the island, as well as bars, restaurants and nightclubs that stir up the nightlife, like the ones from Rua Sete (Center), Triângulo das Bermudas (Praia do Canto) and Rua da Lama (Jardim da Penha).

The seaside resorts of Ilha das Caieiras and Curva de Jurema have restaurants facing the sea which serve the traditional moqueca capixaba, a typical dish made with fish and other ingredients. The dish is usually prepared in artisanal clay pots, which can be seen being made in Galpão das Paneleiras de Goiabeiras, revitalized in 2011. You may also purchase the pots there as well.

With 6 km of extension, Camburi, Vitória’s main beach, is totally urbanized, has ideal conditions for water sports and concentrates the cultural activities promoted by the city hall.

Praça dos Namorados e dos Desejos, in Praia do Canto, has a promenade which is often used for walking and is next to the Yacht Club, from where the ships participating in the Offshore World Championship depart. In the Frade and Boi Islands, there are high standard houses and sand stretches with very clear waters, forming small beaches.

The congo (musical genre) musical groups, formed by men and women who worship St. Benedict, are part of the local culture. The traditional casaca, an instrument similar to reco-reco, has Indigenous origin and today also serves as theme for souvenirs sold to visitors.

Vitória receives its visitors with hospitality and is a charming and peaceful city. With an extensive coastline and mild climate, the island can be explored to its full extent in only a few days, and you can walk to or get to any beach in just a few minutes.

Plane/ airport
Vitória Airport is the main airport of Espírito Santo and receives domestic flights only. The closest international airports are Confins International Airport, in Belo Horizonte, and Galeão International Airport, in Rio de Janeiro, which receives flights from 23 foreign cities.
Road (bus)
Vitória Bus Station is the main bus station of the city, with 28 interstate and intermunicipal companies.
Boat/ ferry
Small boats and large ships dock in Vitória Harbor. Sometimes, cruise lines port there. See the companies which provide the services in your city for more information.

Three bus companies operate 52 conventional lines and two selective lines with air conditioning. The ticket billing system is electronic ticketing and serves all districts of the city. Refer to the bus itineraries.
One of the best ways of getting around Victoria is by bike. It is possible to rent bikes at various points of the city, using the Bike Vitória app, available for iPhone and Android.


One of the most practical ways of getting around the city is by taxi. Calculate the fare and refer to the companies providing this type of service.

Vitória Department of Tourism

The DDD (area code) for Vitória is 27.


Emergency (Samu): 192
Department of Urban Security: + 55 27 3382 6661
Vitória (services request): 156

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