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Pará is one of Brazil's 27 Federative Units

Pará is the most populous state in the north of Brazil, and is the location of light typical dances, such as the carimbó, and of the sensuality of Amazonian characters and legends, such as the pink dolphin and the uirapuru (local bird).

Its capital, Belém, has adequate tourist infrastructure for you to visit its urban core and surrounding area.

Places such as Santarém, cradle of the great indigenous nation of the Tapajos, and Alter do Chão village, with river beaches of crystal clear waters and white sands that invite you to rest and venture through the region.

The State’s gastronomy has a lot of influence from the indigenous culture, not only during the preparation of the dishes, but also in their names such as maniçoba, tacacá and pato no tucupi. The tucupi is a yellow broth extracted from cassava, and one of the main bases of the local cuisine.

Para’s crafts is marked by pieces inspired by the indigenous people, with the use of seeds and other raw materials found in nature.

The Tapajós National Forest, a conservation area with approximately of 600 thousand hectares, is a main attraction in the State, and presents a varied fauna and trees that are centuries old such as the castanheira and andiroba.

The largest river island in the world - the Marajó Island - is located in Pará. Located at the beginning of the Amazon River, it has river beaches with calm waters, forests and streams, in addition to the buffalo ranches, animals present in cooking, crafts and local transport.

Pará is one of Brazil's 27 Federative Units

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