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Bumba-Meu-Boi do Maranhão Bumba-Meu-Boi do Maranhão

One of the most amazing cultural manifestations of Brazil is a rich mixture of folklore, music, dancing and lots of joy.

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Bumba-Meu-Boi do Maranhão is a Brazilian cultural feast celebrated for over 200 years in the historic city of São Luís.

This grand popular expression makes the streets of the capital of Maranhão crowded, with colors, varied rhythms and presentations of various folklore groups, transforming the city into a huge open-air stage.

The feast represents the legend of Father Francisco and Catirina, and stages the kidnapping, death and resurrection of the iconic Boi Bumbá. The feast features five types of rhythms, the so-called sotaques, each with their own particular costumes and instruments: sotaque de matraca, de zabumba, de orquestra, de pindaré and de costa de mão.

The celebration was entered in 2011 in the Record Book of Celebrations, created by Instituto do Patrimônio Histórico e Artístico Nacional (Iphan) to register important socio-cultural festivities. Statewide, there are more than 400 groups of Bumba-Meu-Boi.


As in any public place, be careful with your belongings.

The city is very hot, so wear light and comfortable clothes.

Sunscreen and insect repellent are essential for protecting yourself.

When Junho de 2017. Add to calendar

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