Visa and Documents required


Visas required to enter Brazil are issued by the Brazilian consulates abroad.

Citizens from Mercosur member counties are not required to present visa, only the passport or a valid identification document.

Citizens from the European Union and many other countries are also not required to issue a visa, they are only required to present a passport. To check if you need a visa to travel to Brazil, access the Consulate’s Website.

Citzens from Australia, Canada, USA and Japan can easily get the E-visa, which can be obtained online or on cellphone and tablet apps.

Click here to obtain your E-Visa

The proceeding to request an E-Visa is simple: upload a photo, the image of the passport page containing your personal data and address (optional). Complete the form, pay the tax and download the visa.

During your trip, present a printed copy or a digital image of your E-Visa.

In Brazil, the Federal Police works integrated with E-Visa, which in the near future will be accepted at the E-Gates in the Brazilian airports, currently exclusive for the Brazilian citizens.

E-Visa is valid for two years and costs USD 40, less than the traditional visa. Bearing an E-Visa does not forbids tourists from obtaining their traditional visa at the Brazilian consulates.

Learn more details about the documents required and proceedings to obtain a visa consulting the Brazilian embassy or consulate in your country.

Check the list of Brazilian consulates abroad as well as the visa regulation for foreigners entering Brazil.

Driving in Brazil

Tourists bearing an international license to drive are entitled to drive in Brazil if their stay is no more than 180 days. For longer stays they are required to obtain a Brazilian driver’s license.

It is compulsory to have a valid international driver’s license and a valid identification document. The foreign tourist driver is subject to the Brazilian legislation

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You can also contact Embratur for further questions.