13 places to dive and get enchanted.

The country of green and yellow will surprise you with great diving places in the blue immensity of its waters.

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The technique of submerging or diving with a drum is certainly a unique experience that surprises from novices in practice to the most experienced. Offering diving options with rich marine life, corals, ancient shipwrecks, and in fresh water or with great visibility, Brazil offers you some of the best places to meet underwater.

Diving with snorkel

Even those who do not yet have experience or diving can venture to snorkel in some places along the Brazilian coast. When low tide and crystal clear water accumulate on beautiful reefs, you can enjoy true aquariums filled with fish and small crustaceans.

The natural pools of Porto de Galinhas, São Miguel dos Milagres, Morro de São Paulo and Maragogi are as beautiful underwater as the destinations are on the surface.

Diving into the depths

For dives that require diving, you can go further into the depths of the ocean and find the refuge of impressive mammals and contemplate impressive corals, such as Arvoredo Island in Santa Catarina.

In Fernando de Noronha, there are countless places to dive between dolphins and shark species.

With an average depth of 18m, Serigado de Fora, in Rio Grande do Norte, has good diving points with a great variety of shoals.

On the other hand, in Laje de Santos, the visibility can reach up to 35 m, allowing to see turtles, stingrays and whales.

Diving in shipwrecks

Besides the enviable natural diversity, the rich history of Brazil can also be explored in large submerged shipwrecks. In Bahia de Todos os Santos, in Bahia, you will find historical boats that are already covered with algae and beautiful corals.

On Rasa Island, in Espírito Santo, immerse yourself in the centenary cargo ship that is a true spectacle

The sea surrounding Ilhabela is surrounded by various wrecks, from small fishing boats to transatlantic giants that you can visit in an unforgettable dive.

Diving in fresh waters

Not only do the waters of the ocean hold secrets in their depths. Lakes and rivers are also great options for a swim. In Bonito, there are some of the best freshwater places for you to dive amid colorful fish and unveil submerged caves.

An artificial lake is also another inviting setting for a swim, such as Furnas Lake, in Minas Gerais.

With so many options like that, there's no shortage of places for you to take a good diving!