Are you going to Sao Paulo, but would like to experience the city in a different way? So enjoy the tips.

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A city for all kinds of people: that’s Sao Paulo. Its vastness and agglomerations of buildings welcome like no other city, and offer provocative places, tours through the woods and culture everywhere, in addition to comfort. You will understand, dear traveler, that it takes more than planning to get to know a city with so many intriguing offers. Above all, it requires willingness to be amazed.

Rota’s Tunnel: Located on Avenida Tiradentes, it is one of the most interesting places for those who want to escape the traditional itineraries of the city. The 100 meter-long tunnel features pictures, posters and artifacts that recall the history of the Police Shock Battalion ROTA in São Paulo.

Villages: Yes, in Sao Paulo, closed forests and indigenous villages are tour options. Located at the southern end of the city, the environment protected areas Capivari-Monos and Bororé-Colônia gather waterfalls, fountains, wild animals and 3 indigenous villages.

Ceagesp: Located in Vila Leopoldina, the place offers a multitude of species of plants and flowers such as orchids, roses, shrubs, hedges of all sizes and colors.

Kankuta Fair: A Bolivian fair in the middle of the capital. The Kankuta fair happens on Sundays, offering ceviches, breads, grains, treats and many other genuine Bolivian foods. In addition to the food, it is possible to admire typical music and dance groups rehearsing at the site. Coca tea is also an attraction worth trying.

Night tour at the Zoo: A visit to the Zoo is always fun and, at night, it gets even more exciting. The São Paulo Zoo offers visitors the opportunity to observe and learn more about the various species of nocturnal animals.

O Velhão: In the heart of the Serra da Cantareira, the Velhão offers a trip back in time. The whole place is built with material from demolition and has restaurant, five bars and some shops to take home a beautiful souvenir.

Rocky Candy: The store sells custom candies, and rescues the traditional methods for production of sweets. The coolest thing is that you can watch the entire preparation process.

Botanical Garden: Visiting the Botanical Garden is undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable programs to do in Sao Paulo. Away from the noise of the city, the place has a huge native forest, where it is possible to do various activities and trails. Enjoy one of the dedicated spaces for picnics and call friends to walk for a whole day in the garden.

Modernist House: Near the Metro Santa Cruz, the Modernist House [Casa Modernista] is considered the first work of modern architecture built in Brasil. Besides the beautiful design of Gregori Warchavchik, one of the leading names of the first generation of modernist architects in the country, it has a garden designed by Brazilian landscape architect Mina Klabin.

Terraço Itália: From the top of the Itália building, built in 1954, it is possible to see the entire city of Sao Paulo while sipping a delicious drink to relax.

Praça das Artes: Besides the magnificent architecture, the space brings together large dance and music groups of the city of São Paulo.