With European influence, due to the migration mostly of Italians and Germans, the South of Brazil offers celebrations to please the taste based on the local culture.

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The southern region of Brazil offers grateful surprises when it comes to gastronomy. Popular festivals in the region blend this delicious South feature and their customs in different dates of the year. Festa Nacional da Uva (Grape National Festival) in Caxias do Sul is one of the best known and most prestigious of Rio Grande do Sul. Every year, about half a million people participate in this festivity, which is the largest of the Italian culture in Brazil.

In Paraná, some of the celebrations are Cavalhada, Congada, Dance or Fandango de São Gonçalo, Festa do Divino (The Divine Festival), Coroação de Nossa Senhora (Crowning of Our Lady), Festa de São Benedito (São Benedito Festival). You can check out the calendar of events in the State of Paraná. Festa da Cerejeira (Cherry Tree Festival), in Apucarana, North of Paraná, differs from European origins, commonly observed in the South of Brazil. The event celebrates the Japanese colonization, which took place in Brazil over a century ago.

In Santa Catarina,also in the South of Brazil, happens the traditional Festa do Boi-de-Mamão (Boi-de-Mamão Festival). As a folkloric manifestation of the region, it is significant in the mission of approaching the story of death and resurrection of an ox. The party is based on 19th-century traditions.