With a board in hand and a paddle in the other, prepare to unveil beautiful landscapes scattered from north to south of the Country.

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When you can combine the benefits of exercise with beautiful scenery, the experience becomes more enjoyable. Stand Up Paddle (SUP) is a sport for many types of people, from small children to adults, and still takes you to incredible natural settings all over Brazil.

From lake with calm waters, passing by mangroves and waves in the open sea, discover some places to row and enjoy that visual:

Lago Paranoá, in Brasília - the edge of the Brazilian capital is the meeting place for those who like to practice water sports, especially SUP. There are several points where you can row, enjoy the immensity of the sky and see from another angle one of the characteristic postcards of the city: the modern JK Bridge.

Forno Beach, in Arraial do Cabo - crystalline waters with shades of blue and green are perfect for getting to know Stand Up Paddle. And this is not lacking in the small cove of the Forno Beach, on the coastline of the state of Rio de Janeiro. After a lot of paddling, you can indulge in the floating beach restaurant - the place specializes in seafood.

Conceição Lagoon, in Florianópolis - a typical must-have one for those who visit the island of Florianópolis, Lagoa da Conceição is perfect for getting to know paddling. Enjoy the sunset to fall in love with a beautiful sunset.

Poço Encantado Waterfall, in Chapada dos Veadeiros - You can take advantage of the large shaft of cold wates of this beautiful waterfall to stroll from SUP and feel the strength and energy of the waters. After an invigorating practice, nothing beats relaxing on the small white sand beach of the place.

Madeiro Beach, in Tibau do Sul - SUP is a solo sport, but practicing it well together makes a difference. On the exuberant Madeiro Beach, you can enjoy the company of friendly dolphins, who frequently visit the region.

Negro River, in Manaus - From the top of the board you can get in total contact with nature. Surprise yourself with the beauty of the igapós (typical vegetation flooded by the Amazon Rainforest), and make the enchanting crossing in the encounter of the dark waters of the Negro River with the muddy waters of the Solimões River.

Concha Beach, in Itacaré - This beach is great for those who want to venture into the SUP and enjoy a look of coconut trees and calm sea. You can still enjoy and take a ride to the mangrove.