The largest Brazilian metropolis offers so many options that you will need to have focus to choose.

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São Paulo is a city known for its fast pace, huge population concentration and high cost of living. The city that never sleeps not only has a lot of options, as you will need to know what you want so you can choose among so many attractions. Check out our tips:

Ibirapuera Park

Ibirapuera Park is one of the great postcards of the city and can be considered a leisure complex. It has sports courts, marquee for skaters and skateboarders, jogging tracks, places for tours and rest, as well as a wide cultural area. The access is free.

Bookstores on Paulista Avenue

Avenida Paulista is recognized as a place of cultural manifestations and also works as a meeting spot of many different groups. The local bookstores are distinguished by the variety of products.

Municipal Market

Mercadão, as it is popularly known, is a mixture of colors, smells and textures that fascinate! The tents of exotic fruits and spices are the local attraction. Access to the market is free. Be sure to try the Brazilian mortadela sandwich at the bars.

Benedito Calixto Square

Chorinho at Benedito Calixto square is a good choice for Saturday afternoons. The square is in Pinheiros neighborhood and is a meeting spot for intellectuals, cool and alternative people.

Buddhist Temples

Zu Lai is a Buddhist temple that offers an invitation to reflection. It is in Cotia city and you don’t have to be Buddhist to go there. Wanting a little inner peace is enough. It has many trees and a lake of carps and offers peace of mind.

Centro Cultural São Paulo (São Paulo Cultural Center)

São Paulo Cultural Center offers several free activities such as art exhibitions, workshops, debates and lectures. Theater, dance and music performances can be free or offered at popular prices.

Horto Florestal

It is located in Cantareira, North region of São Paulo. Every kilometer we move in it, we are closer to the tranquility of nature. Part of the local landscape is a wide variety of exotic and native species of flora.

Liberdade Fair

The Japanese form in São Paulo the largest native colony outside Japan. They are concentrated especially in Liberdade neighborhood, where many keep their Oriental customs from the eating habits to the language.

Praça do Pôr do Sol (Sunset square)

People who think paulistas (São Paulo people) live only within the concrete jungle and don’t know how to enjoy a beautiful sunset are really mistaken. Located in Alto de Pinheiros, this square is the meeting spot for the daily spectacle of the sunset.

Tourism by subway

This project is a very cool partnership between São Paulo Metropolitan Company and São Paulo Turismo. You get a metro ticket and make a tour with a bilingual guide to important and historic tourist attractions of São Paulo city.

Vila Madalena Fair

Vila Madalena, a traditional bohemian neighborhood, offers a fine art fair. There are several attractions divided among six blocks, with arts, fashion, music and cuisine, together with special attractions for children, pets and athletes.

Bike at the door of your place

Do you want to take a chance in cycling by São Paulo, but has no bike? In the city there are bicycle delivery services. That’s right, you request and receives a bike at home. Just ask and go cycling.

Bar for geeks

Vila Mariana houses a bar fully dedicated to geek culture. In a place with video games, comic books and superhero action figures, you can have a beer and a serving of something.

Cheap and healthy diet

Zona Cerealista (Cereal Area) is an area with many shops that offers all kinds of flour, quinoa, dried fruit, oat, nuts, spices, cereals, grains, and more. Prices are very attractive.