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Manaus is the capital city in the state of Amazonas and its cuisine combines indigenous traditions with seasonings brought over from Africa and Europe. It is an amazing explosion of flavors!

The rivers in the state of Amazonas are home to a great variety of fish, which makes it the main ingredient in local dishes. Tambaqui, tucunaré (peacock bass), pirarucu, jaraqui, and matrinxã (brycon) are some of the favorites among local residents. They can either be fried, grilled or stewed. 

Some of the most popular dishes in Manaus include grilled tambaqui ribs, peacock bass stew, pirarucu stew, and pirarucu de casaca, a dish made with pirarucu, cassava flour, plantains, and sauteed potatoes, where all the ingredients are organized in layers.

Grilled fish

X-caboquinho is also something that should be on any visitor’s list of food to try. It is a French-roll sandwich whose ingredients include Brazilian curd cheese, deep-fried bananas, and tucumã (the fruit from a native palm tree). It is so traditional that it has been added to the city’s intangible cultural heritage list. 

When in Manaus, make sure you try some native fruit, such as açaí berries, guarana, araçá (araza), cupuaçu, graviola (soursop), buriti (the fruit of the moriche palm), and taperebá (yellow mombin). All of them can be used to make juice, as a filling in chocolate bonbons, to make candy, and as ingredients for many other desserts.

The unique local cuisine in Manaus definitely offers remarkable flavors and countless possibilities. The region’s exquisite dishes are the best way to understand a bit more about the local culture, which is absolutely amazing!

By Plane
+55 (82) 3036-5200
Eduardo Gomes International Airport is located 14 km from downtown Manaus and operates daily domestic and international flights.

By Boat
+55 (82) 3223-5404
If you are already in the northern region of Brazil and like adventures, you can get on a boat in Belem and take a five-day trip all the way to Manaus. Check with specialized companies in your city, or contact Manaus Port if you have any questions.

By Bus
Manaus has plenty of bus routes that will take you all over the city and to all the tourist attractions.

Personal Vehicles and Rentals
A great way to get around the city or to visit nearby destinations in the state of Amazonas is to rent a car. 

Taxis and Ridesharing Companies
Taxis and ridesharing companies are a comfortable way to get around the city. 

Useful Numbers

Tourist Information Center:
+55 (92) 3182-6250
Tourist Information Center – Airport:
+55 (92) 3182-9850
Amazonas Tourism Department:
+55 (92) 2101-818

Military Police: 190
Paramedics: 192
Fire Department: 193

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Local Weather

It rains all the time In Manaus. However, in spite of the rain, the weather is very hot because the city is close to the equatorial line. Therefore, wear light clothes and always take an umbrella. And don’t forget to take a hat and sunscreen.